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About Us

BEADGAME s.r.o. is the largest Czech producer of the most quality hand pressed beads and Czech glass jewellery with long tradition.

We are one of the largest and oldest beads producers in the Czech Republic. Our products follow up with the tradition of glass making in our region since the 14th century. Since the 16th century, there was a huge expansion of the jewelery industry but it was hardly affected by the World Warr II.. After 1948, our company has become one of the most important, respected and largest company in the region and we are the only company which is still producing beads until today.

We employ experts from the glass schools, who are the guarantee of the most quality handicrafts. We have traditional practices and compliance with the whole EU legislation and REACH in the production process. We improve and modernize our products and also expand the range of our products every year. We create the most unique shapes of the beads and jewellery, which determinate the direction of the world. We follow the fashion trends in glass original jewellery.

We cooperate with designers who are able to satisfy the customers around the world and create the most original jewellery. Our products dispose of the high quality and they are also unique and rare. Our products are hand made from Czech glass. We offer glass pressed beads, balls and other shapes, cut beads, fire polished beads, flat beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and other fashion accessories.

Since 2007, we have expanded our range of products, unique presents and decorative items.

Since 2016 , we have started to focus on children's games and party games.

We present this project under trademark "Beadgame".

Since 2021, we have changed name of the company "BEADGAME s.r.o." 

We cooperate with the world businessmen who appreciate the most quality of the Czech products.

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